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Dr. Barry Krakow started in sleep research in 1988 and helped pioneer innovative therapies for chronic nightmare patients. Since 1995, he has practiced sleep medicine full-time and currently operates Maimonides Sleep Arts & Sciences, Ltd., a private sleep medical center specializing in the treatment of sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea in mental health patients. He is also principal investigator of the Sleep & Human Health Institute, a non-profit research center that focuses on the complex interplay between physiological and psychological sleep disorders. Dr. Krakow’s groundbreaking book, Sound Sleep, Sound Mind (2007) describes in depth the Sleep Dynamic Therapy™ model of clinical sleep medicine, which aids patients and sleep professionals to recognize the critical value of concurrent assessments and treatments for both the mental and physical components rooted within the vast majority of sleep disorders. In 2013, Dr. Krakow joined Classic SleepCare, LLC, as paid Medical Director, a credit to the company’s innovative and unique business model that focuses on sleep-related DME.

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Football Star’s Insomnia, Suicide, and Prescription Sedatives

In this article on Junior Seau’s suicide, we learn that he had insomnia for years and was a regular user of Ambien. Yet, he apparently still awakened during the night within just a few hours of taking the drug. We’ve published recently on the topic of sleep disturbances and suicidal ideation as well as on the probability of much more severe sleep disorders in patients dependent on hypnotics. Sad to say, but only thru these untimely deaths do we tend to see changes in the way physicians approach the problem of insomnia; and, even then a change in prescribing practice may be temporary. The problem is simply that most physicians prescribing sedatives have little experience in recognizing that insomnia is often just a marker of a much more complex sleep problem, usually a physical one, such as sleep apnea or periodic limb movements. Failing to recognize this distinction often leads to tragedy.

Statin Side-Effects: Forgetfulness and Pain

I tried several of these statins over the years for short durations, and every single time I developed either a cognitive problem or muscle pain that eventually caused me to discontinue the med. Even the use of CoEnzyme Q10 did not alleviate the pain.

Genetic Research on Mice Links Sleep and Schizophrenia

Research on sleep breathing in schizophrenia would add another layer to this idea.

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